CryptoTab Browser Pro for Windows Download [2022]

If you want to do Crypto Trading conveniently CryptoTab Browser Pro for Windows got you covered. This is the top-level browser for Crypto professionals.

Although bitcoin is crashed nowadays. From nearly $69000 per bitcoin to nearly $17000 in less than a year this myth has suffered a lot!

Currently, Ethereum is more trending as compared to Bitcoin but, also losing its value. Passionate Crypto traders who are still trying their luck are recommending CryptoTab Browser Pro.

Some of the users also reviewed it as they claim their sales are boosted up to 200%. We are not into crypto but we know the basics of it.

Surely, CryptoTab Browser Pro is something you should give a chance as a trader. It has a lot of features that can attract exchangers.

You can control your Cloud Boosts, add an unlimited amount of remote devices and observe your BTC balance rising.

As far as the CryptoTab Browser Pro for Windows is concerned, you have got 2 options.

You can get Official CryptoTab pro on Windows PC in an official way.

Or, you can Emulate Android Version of App on PC through Android Emulators.

You can read the Pros and Cons of this App on

We are in the favour of an official version of Cryptotab Pro Browser for Windows instead of an emulator.

Our experience with the emulator was so bad.

Download CryptoTab Browser Pro for Windows and MacOS

  • Launch a new tab in Google Chrome while keeping this apps9 Tutorial as the first one.
  • Visit the official website
  • You will the Download button, click on it.
  • It will start downloading right away. As an offline downloader the exe file will take a few seconds to download.
Cryptotab Browser pro on Windows
  • Click on the downloaded CTBrowserSetup_k7kQamy.exe file to start the Installation procedure.
Cryptotab Browser pro on Windows
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install Software for Windows or Mac.
Cryptotab Browser pro on Windows
  • After installation, it will automatically launch on your PC.
Cryptotab Browser pro on Windows
  • You are ready to use Cryptotab pro on Windows or even Mac.

Is CryptoTab browser pro legit?

It is a legit bitcoin mining app that pays you in your wallet. However, the mining is extremely slow with the basic package. You must upgrade to pro.

Is CryptoTab Pro profitable?

In the very heart of CryptoTab Farm is the CryptoTab Browser mining algorithm—fast, stable, and proven to be highly profitable.

Is the CryptoTab browser good for mining?

Neither good nor bad. Honestly, you need to take the suggestion of a mining expert. We only know the software, not crypto trading or mining Algorithm.


We concluded that Cryptotab Browser Pro is legit, working, and a good app. In the case of mining trading or, spending money, you need to take the honest opinion of an expert.

The downloading procedure should be the official one, don’t go with the emulator.

Be careful, while spending the money. You should completely know about the product on which you are spending.

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